Yezdi bike showroom in Rajahmundry opened on January 13th we can say it’s a feast for Bike Lovers in Rajahmundry. Yezdi is a very popular brand existing since 1973.

Having a bike like Yezdi and going camping with family and friends is one of the Best Experiences.

For camping instead of buying tents Camping tents for rents available in our city, let’s book one tent and everything will set.

Yezdi bike showroom in rajahmundry

This bike has a great following with reasonable prices now Yezdi is available in Rajahmundry by Badri Motors address is at Morampudi road, Near R.T.C Complex Rajahmundry with Pincode: 533101

Different color variants are also available and the Yezdi bike showroom in Rajahmundry contact number is +91-7297944567

Yezdi bike History

As per the Wikipedia article, there are 24 models of Yezdi before they close this bike model in 1996

This Bike lovers are still running Yezdi bike clubs and fan pages on Facebook.

This motorcycle manufactured company started in India in 1960 with headquarters at Mysore and was inaugurated by then Mysore Maharaja garu Wadiyar

Yezdi bike showroom in rajahmundry

Even though this type of bike give low mileage some sector of people love bikes like Yazdi, Bullet, and Jawa.

Jawa bike after a new release is selling like hotcakes and in some places, this bike is having a waiting time for one to 2 months. Interestingly a country in Central ordered white customized bikes for their police force

and in Abudhabi a pizza delivery service used only this type of bike to deliver pizza even though this bike consumes more fuel.

we can see these bikes in old Hindi films I have seen in so many films of Amitabh Ji and Dharmendra Because of heavyweight and less mileage than the competitors Yedi and Jawa company was forced to close their company.

from the last 40 decades, we lost this gem bike its time now to book and enjoy your rides