Camping tents for rent in Rajahmundry

Camping Tents for Rent in Rajahmundry (Jollyday Tours) we can Carry the tents anywhere.

  • Gudesa
  • Maredumalli
  • Lambasingi
  • Araku

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The cost of one tent rent is Rs 1000 for 24 Hrs. we can enjoy our trip if we have Camping tents. These tents are designed only for tourists cost is very low of 1000 rs for one day is very affordable.

Camping Tents for Rent in Rajahmundry

If you are a frequent traveler, traveling with your friends or family it’s best to own a Tent for Camping instead of Camping Tents for Rent in Rajahmundry.

Right now we have many good brands available for 2 people,3 person, and 5 persons

Let’s look at various types of models to enjoy our weekend online

Hope you will definitely enjoy these places.

(6*6 size, 3 Persons Capacity) Fully Sanitized and cleaned

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  1. we required 6members tent for camping for 3 days, please let us know if available
    call me +91 92478 33597.

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