oxygen suppliers in Rajahmundry I got this info from one of the Facebook pages from Rajahmundry to 1lakh 50000 page likes who contribute posts every day.

These details are from the 2nd wave period. No idea whether these details are working or not. I apologize if they don’t work

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The first below is from a page we don’t know whether the below numbers have sufficient gas right now or not. please call them and do an inquiry All the best stay safe and wear a mask.

Oxygen suppliers in Rajahmundry

  • S.V.E Raju Garu Kovvur Plant : 9491468238
  • Amaravathi Gases Sampath Nagar Plant: 99639 00069 – 8247271469
  • Suresh Oxygen Laxman Garu Rajahmundry Agencies: 9177530529
  • Surya Gases Mallesh Dowleswaram: 9666422613
  • Rohini Traders Rajahmundry Thrinadh : 94913 86972
  • Sri Rama Mill stores Rajahmundry : 0883-2478712
  • Kishore Oxygen Rajahmundry : Nagaraju – 99497 22425
  • Sri Chalapathi Gases Kakinada : 9553539995, 93999 09494
Oxygen suppliers in Rajahmundry