Sri Sai r.k. study circle Chintalapudi phone number is 9908954742

for the academic year of 2021-2022 results, 16 kids were selected for the navodhaya public school the kids who studied in the r.k. study center occupied 80% seats

r.k study center is the one and only one occupied seat in navodhaya

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the facilities for kids who are going to join in r.k study center are hostel+coaching-5000/- this is applicable only for the first batch of students.

the first batch is going to start on 10-07-2022.

free application registration for navodhaya Sainik and an online applications process will be done

what is navodhaya Sainik school

we are going to know details about that school like why the parents will prefer this school for their kid’s future. the navodhaya Sainik schools will be English medium in this school the syllabus will be CBSE.

we will see what difference between the state and CBSE syllabi

compare to the state syllabus the students will gain 75% of knowledge in their education,

but coming to CBSE syllabus the students will gain 95% of knowledge in their education.

in CBSE, schools the children will get equal importance for education along with games.

in navodhaya Sainik school, the hostel facilities for boys and girls will be separate.

in this school, the uniform and textbook will be distributed to children for free of cost and

here the teachers who are going to teach students will be highly qualified and highly talented persons and in the part of the CBSE syllabus, the teachers will teach IT subjects will cover mostly.

IT – information technology. (computers).

in the old days, some people only use computers for their work purpose, but the upcoming generations will completely depend on computers. at present each and everyone is using computers a lot for office purpose and personal purpose also.

coming to co-curricular activities like games sports, and yoga, and everything will be taught to the children once children completed their schooling when they came out the children will be like perfect all-rounders in each and every field.

these are the facilities provided by navodhaya schools here they are not charging any fee for students (it’s all about free education )

how many navodhaya`s for district

generally for each district one navodhaya school only

but in some cases like backward districts, the navodhaya schools will be two for these special districts

in which class the navodhaya school application will be started

in navodhaya school starts from 6th class to intermediate.

who are eligible for this school

here the admissions will be provided only for the 6th class and 9th class. conditions and criteria for the eligibility test for 6 the standard the student have to pursue the fifth standard

conditions and criteria for the eligibility test for 9th class the student has to persuing eight standard presents

the children who are studying in private and government schools are eligible to apply for navodhaya. irrespective of any school whether private /government.

how to apply for navodhaya Sainik school:

the notification will be released for every academic year in the given notice period only the students have to apply through an online registration process only.

after the online application process once the registration process is completed the candidates will get hall tickets, after that the children had to pass the entrance test and got a seat the children have to submit the documents

coming to the documents submission process, and the parents will get doubt which documents shall we submit

Please submit the below documents:

  1. date of birth certificate


3. rural /study certificates

from which district do the students have to apply

right now in which district the students are studying especially from that district the students have to apply .how many seats will be available for the 6th class total no of 80 seats for both rural and urban seats

coming to rural 60 seats and for urban 20seats.

which one is best for applying from rural are urban, coming to urban the competition is very high, here the age limits for the students must be in between 9-13 this is only for sixth-class students, for 9th class, the seats can`t tell exactly.

no attempts will be only one time.

address: velmapeta,chinthalapudi

contact number:9908954742.