Sona Sikka refined Groundnut oil is started in 1984 by Shree Shyam Sundar Chhugani in Rajasthan. Sona Sikka brand is giving quality and quantity serving for the past 36 years. Sona Sikka is the first brand to pack edible oil in 1 kg packets. The daily capacity of this brand is 7000 tins

Sona Sikka Refined Groundnut Oil is the best oil for Festivities for food starts with Sona Sikka’s purity and quality of oils. we should consume good oil for our cooking purpose for our health. So bring only Sonia Sikka to home and enjoy cholesterol-free oil.
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Inedible oils groundnut oil is very good compare to other oils like sunflower and Palmolive. we can also consider using rich rich oil.

There is a number of verity quantities they are providing like below and refer the website for the prices because prices are changing every day as we all know. Prices in our grandfather’s era are different from our time.

15 liter Tin,
5 Litre Jerry Can
1-liter bottle
15-liter tin
5 Litre Jerry Can
1-liter Bottle

You can buy Sonia Sikka products from Amazon and Flipkart some times stocks will not available sue to huge demand

The Liquid Gold

Sona Sikka Refined Groundnut

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Call: 18003133292

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