Shri Vitthal Nursery

Shri Vitthal Nursery have Bangalore made healthy and more roots Grapes Plants as well as S.S super,Super Sonaka and Anushka super

Grafted Table Varieties:

  • Maikchaman
  • R.K,
  • Sonaka
  • Clone 2,
  • Thomsan Seedless
  • Danaka Black Nanasaheb Purple
  • Mamasaheb Purple
  • Sarita

and Bangalore Dogris

Shri Vitthal Nursery Grafted Graper

A/P Khudus(Pune-Pandhrpur Road, 40 km from Pandhrpur)

Tal. Malshiras, Dist. Solapur

Shri Anantrao Vitthal Thavare- Patil

Mobile: 9890868589, 8766508719, 9890494239

Yogesh: 9158305559, 8999171808,8698497128

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