Sandhiya Mehhta numerologist is a professional Numerologist who has seen tremendous results and success. I shall help you to predict your future with numerology and we shall mold your present with numerological remedies that I have uniquely developed to each specific case.

Sandhiya Mehhta numerologist A world-renowned and awarded numerologist, Vastu expert, spiritual reiki grandmaster & healer Know your future from the eye of the Numerology by the master pioneer of numerology arts from 30 years

SANDHIYA MEHHTA – Ace Numerologist

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  • Awarded as Radio City Mumbai icon 2019 & many more for my experience of 30 years
  • Experienced and a leader in the world of numerology for 30 years, written many articles, columns and shared world STAGES AND BEEN RECOGNISED INTERNATIONALLY
  • 4 & 8 number specialist and the only successful numerologist to understand these numbers correctly
  • I have empowered politicians, business tycoons, film celebs but for me you, and each of my clients is more precious than big name
Sandhiya meHhta numerologist