Reliance mart in ongole is besides high way in one of the best places in ongole city. This place is very suitable for the entire ongole people we can call this place heart of ongole city.

The parking facility is very good for bikes and cars, as usual, all cards are available here one cash counter on the right side is accepting only cash. please be aware of this, always check if the card is available or not.

Reliance mart in ongole

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Address is

Door No. 8-547, Ward: 8 Block

SURVEY nO. 238,239, By-Pass Road,

Ongole – 523002 Andhra Pradesh

At the time of writing this article, there are so many good offers running Reliance mart in ongole because it’s just two months old here in ongole.

Avoid taking sugar usually they will give us sugar as free for reaching some 1500/- if you are planning to buy your household items.

ReReliance mart in ongole cashback offers

There is something smart concept here in this store (maybe its available all around India)

The thing is if we buy continuously for our household;d we get some points and we can redeem those points, we just have to tell the teller to check our points.

she will give a phone number and check OTP and she will check your points and give a discount on the points we have.

crowd at cash counters is not so much crowded as we usually see in D.mart.