Raja Rajeswari Book Depot is one of the oldest book depots like Suresh Book Depot for 30 to 35 years. Rajeswari book is located first in chimakurthy eye hospital complex. The shop was renovated and changed the name to R.R. Mart and shifted to the opposite complex 7 years before.

Contact Number : 9703306986

Now schools are started giving books in their own premises with some tieups from Vijayawada and Hyderabad shops.

Earlier Raja Rajeswari Book Depot is the only source for Academic books and all other books from Nursery to 10th class. This book shop is like a super bazaar that we can go inside the shop and select some general books which are not available in schools

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Staff is very polite and will take care of all your Book depot needs.

Raja Rajeswari Book Depot

If you are trying to become a painter, All painting material colours and crayons all number brushes are also available at affordable prices. I have special experience that i bought brushes for oil painting for my daughter law who is from Mumbai.

She is very satisfied that the material they sell is as similar as Mumbai shops. In Mumbai, oil painting is part of their schooling But here in ongole few parents encouraging their children to learn oil painting. Everyone cannot afford it due to the high cost. Oil painting materials are so expensive.

Also school stationary also available here this shop is one stop shop for all our school needs, Bags are not available here except bags all other things are available here.

If you are from outside ongole you easily find this shop at Ongole Kurnool road bridge center beside next showroom. This shop is available in covid time also but due to covid schools are closed and there are facing a hard time in 2020. Hope 2021 is good for all of us and reopen schools.