Polo Organic Gir Cow Farm is providing Fresh Milk Everday with No Middle Men, No Adulteration, Only Natural Gir Cow Milk, Straight from the Farm.

  1. Milk 80/-liter,
  2. Chach 30/- liter,
  3. Ghee 2400/-liter.

Free Home Delivery All Jaipur,

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Drink Pure and Eat Healthy
1: Make Body, Brain & Heart Healthy.
2: Easy to Digest
3: Helps in fat loss
4: Increase Immune Power of our body
5: Nurious For Children

The Polo Organic Gir Cow Farm, Maharajpura, Bhankrota, Jaipur
Call for Subscription: +91-9116607021, 9636087021