Pathak Wave Cure Center Dr.S.k Patak through his research on the wave & intensive study identified this system & authentically verified its effectiveness by conducting experiments on Wave Therapy. Till now S.K. Pathak has successfully cured many patients completely and has given them new healthy and better disease-free life

The Biggest Discovery so far in the field of Medicine


Boon of Method, Will No Longer Curse LIke wish Death

Natural Medicine for Incurable Diseases

Safe & Successful Treatment

  • Polio, Migraine
  • Spondylitis
  • Stiff-Neck
  • Brachial Neuritis
  • Cervical Pain,Heel Pain,Ankle Pain

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Pathak Wave Cure Center
  1. Muscular dystrophy, Multiple sclerosis (M.S), Myopathy
  2. Swelling, Stiffness,heaviness,non-sensitivity,Cramps in caff Elbow Pain
  3. Sinusitis,Digestive problems,Gout and Motor Neuron-diseases
  4. All Kind of pains during pregnancy period hearing problems clotting in any part of body
  5. Knee Pain
  6. All Neurological Problems
  7. Oncological cell theraphy

DR.S.K Pathak(Consultant)


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Pathak Wave Cure Center

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Disclaimer: Results may very from person to person

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