Padmalayas Bakary is one of the top Bakery and reputed bakery in ongole. As per my knowledge, it was first started near the Bapuji Market complex in 1999. It was later removed due to road widening and shifted to the current place at the old vegetable market.

This bakery has started a new branch at Vip road Ongole before Carona starting. They are offering Cooldrinks, Bakery items, Sweets, Icecreams, and Party Items. The Dining section is very good at VIP road bakery.

Children will love this place because of an attractive robot at the entrance of the bakery you can see in the first image below. please visit this new Padmalayas bakery and enjoy your weekend.

Padmalayas Bakary is near Saibaba temple

Rates are very reasonable with maintaining good neatness. If you are from outside Ongole, please visit this bakery and visit Lord Saibaba temple near this bakery. Lord Saibaba temple is very famous in Ongole Saibaba Murthy is just like Shirdi temple Murthy, This temple was inaugurated on August 4, 1982, Saibaba Murthy is of 5 feet 6-inch tall statue it is the famous temple in ongole town we can see a heavy rush in Thursdays and festivals and in January first.

Besides this Bakery line, there are pizza shops and other good delicious coffee shops. we can call this bakery the best bakery in ongole with 15 to 20 years of bakery experience. The new bakery now at VIP road is a big seating capacity and its very good for birthday parties for college youth and family.

Please plan after the pandemic and enjoy your day here at this bakery. please

Padmalayas Bakary

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Padmalayas Bakery In Lawyerpet Phone number: 9698716999


  • PUFF
  • Pizza
  • Cakes
  • samosa
  • Sandwich
  • Popcorn
  • Cupcake


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  • dhaipuri
  • pav bhaji
  • kachori chat

VIP Road, Lawyerpet Near Saibaba Temple