Mastan hotel Ongole was started in 1982 first of its kind in making ghee idly and ghee dosa. Right now this hotel is near the ongole bus stand signal and opposite to Narayana residency beside Satyam theatre 60 feet road This 60 feet road is famous for so many hospitals like saiveena hospital.

The waiting time for tiffin here is at least 30 minutes usually the hotel starts at 8.30 and customers will wait from 7.30 for this tiffin. Ghee idly and chutney are very delicious and for dosa, they will serve with cashew nuts badam, and instead of oil they use ghee for Dosa.

Mastan hotel Ongole

Mastan hotel Ongole Home Delivery

also availble for orders by Zomata and swiggy.

This hotel has a website and facebook page named mastan hotel with 551 page likes and they are active in social media posting different pics of this small and tiny famous hotel.

Staff here is very good and serve us delicious ghee idly and ghee dosa and dont think about price because price is somhow high Just think about the taste and quality. If you are outside Ongole if you are there at morning 7.30 and evening after 4 please do vist this hotel and take parcels for your family. They will defenetly ask again for tiffins from mastan hotel next time you come to ongole.

There are so many good hotels in ongole like pantulugari mess at VIP road and some tiffin centres in gandhi road. we Ongoliens really missing those dishes in this lockdown. Hope everything will be normal soon.

You can reach the owner by email i got this email from facebook page

  • Special Ghee Idly
  • Ghee Jeedipappu dosa

60 Feet Road

RTC Bus Stand Road

Ongole – 523002

Phone : 98857 79005, 79891 54377 (For Take away)

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