Malyadri Naidu hospital with Adarsh Hospital is located on Sundariah Bhavan road. The cost of the Op is 400 Rs and on Sunday the cost is 450 only the new ops will be seen on Sundays This hospital is very busy in working hours of 9 to 2 pm and after 3 to 6 pm.

Doctor garu name : Dr.K. Malyadri Naidu M.S.,(Ortho) D ORTHO; D.N.B;(ORTHO); FAGE;

Yemukallu ,Kellu Mariyu Naralla Specialist


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Malyadri Naidu hospital

Adarsh Hospital

Yemukallu ,Kellu Mariyu Naralla Hospital

Dr. K.C. Malyadri Naidu

Sundaraiah Bhavan Road,

Ongole – 523002

Malyadri Naidu hospital Ongole phone number

Phone : 08592-233652

Doctor garu house is above the hospital and he is available 24 hours if there is an emergency. Medical shop is available in the parking place.

Medicines are very low cost in this hospital

For Health Insurance Policy Please contact: 9676031998