Kumbhat Dry Fruits: After seeing dry fruits they loo like Wired but they give us Good vitamins to our body and improves our health, let’s look at how they help us to be healthy.

If we compare with fresh fruits dry fruits price is high, fresh fruits will get spoiled if we don’t provide a refrigerator but dry fruits can long last without a refrigerator, the products which need cooling are not good and the products which don’t need cooling are good food this is a simple philosophy. we can prevent so many diseases by eating dry fruits as a habit so start eating dry fruits now to avoid hospitals.

Kumbhat Dry Fruits

Kumbhat Dry Fruits or any other dry fruits are rich in fiber and antioxidants that will prevent us from getting diabetes and obesity not only that Dry fruits help us to prevent heart diseases.

Almonds are not so much tasty but not good for health but that rule is not for badam they are so tasty and with several vitamines that will make us looks good thats everythough there are with high rates we have to buy them and eat daily on average daily please eat 4 badam i seen some people eat 8 badam per day and skip the meals. mainly fat will burn and we will be slim.

Calcium, minerals, and micronutrients are more in dry fruits it will make you fit and slim that’s why next time when you go to market bring these fruits and start your healthy life. Another type of dry fruit is dried cranberry that will help to cure cancer and reduce heat in the body.

Kumbhat Dry fruits are very good for health and gives you good strength to fight Covid 19

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