JIo fiber net rajahmundry

Jio fiber net Rajahmundry Jio started his Broadband services in Rajahmundry and around the Rajahmundry area. Jio fiber is the largest and high-speed broadband internet service provider at the moment. We can call the company a monopoly.

Please contact Hari for JIo Fiber Net Rajahmundry: 9398642293, 9493955090 for all the packages. Right now jio is giving a free one-month trial with 13 OTT platforms.

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There are four different plans with 399,699,999 and 1499. 1400 rs worth OTT Platforms are providing in 999 with 150mbps and for and 1500 rs Worth OTT Platforms 1499 Packages and 300mbps.

You can also visit Jio official website

Jio is not available in most of the places in our town if the above contact person Hari is not available you can reach jio website and share your location by verifying your mobile number and Email. The future is going to be Jio Ambani sir is going to change the system.

As you know after jio came into existence broadband prices are slashed I started freelancing in 2014 on that time in my area we have only BSNL. I took bsnl and recharge for 1000 Rs for 10 GB data. I usually use that data as gold that’s my experience with data service. please share your experience in comments

History of Jio Broadband

Jio registered its company in Gujarat in 2010 and bought 97% shares for 4800 crores from Infotel broadband services Limited and started services to give free services with mobile handset Usually nobody interested first after that evryone using as second sim for internet.