jio fiber in ongole contact number is Siva Kumar G: 6303914853. Now jio is available in main areas of ongole in town and they are extending to every corner of the city.

Siva is the head of Ongole town jio fiber so please call him first if you need connection anywhere in ongole.

At the time of writing this blog, Jio fiber Introductory offer will get with 30 Days free trial offer and unlimited Plans Starting from Rs 399/-

For booking contact Siva, usually, they are busy now because jio is the number one brand and are going to be a monopoly in this sector with their alladinchey plans.

So please be patient and start your jio connection. Comment below if you need this connect in ongole.

Jio laid fiber connection in every corner of ongole city approximately 10 years before with good quality optical fiber. that’s how they think about the future of the internet.

Earlier broadband and data plans are very expensive, as you know after jio came to existence prices are so low now compared to 10 years

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Jio fiber in ongole

Jio Fiber Mangamoor Road contact number is 8688309996

jio fiber in ongole

And in near future, Elonmusk Starlink is also going to give good services to the customers. we get good benefits from these big players.

As we all know Elon Musk is the world’s top million we can call him a self-made billionaire. he started his journey from South Africa without a single penny in his pocket.

Recently I was fortunate to read a nice book from amazon related to Elon mask and great entrepreneurs. please read the book my advice to the current generation is to read books. please don’t scroll your mobile for 24 hours I know you people will get angry after seeing this message. I know you won’t listen to this.

We are doing the discussion on the wrong topic I am aware of this if you are in ongole call Siva and get your high-speed internet connection now.