embiotic laboratories are committed to Healthcare as the motto of Health & Sanitization Goes Hand in Hand. The products are as follows

  • Isopropanol Hand Sanitizer safe rub with Emollient & Moisturizer
  • Chlorhexidine Alcoholic Rub SAFERUB Red with Emollient & MOisturizer
  • Hand Sanitizer Spray safe rub Herbal Enriched with essential oils
  • Alcoholic Rub in Hand Disinfectant with Skin Emollient & Protectant Saferub Advance
  • Hand Sanitizer SAferub 60 ml Herbal

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Embiotic laboratories products are available at All medical stores, Online, General & Departmental Stores General Enquiries Contact: +91 6362 217 772

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Embiotic laboratories

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E-mail: info@embiotic.net, hello@saferub.com

website: www.embiotic.in