Ek SIIP Do Fayede Saving bhi: Suraksha bhi

Freedom to choose:

Saving Amount:

Your savings can begin from Rs 4000/- monthly or Rs 4000/- yearly and can be larger for bigger life goals

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Ek SIIP Do Fayede 4 fund Options

You can choose from Bond, Secured, Balanced, and Growth

Switch Freely:

You can move your money between fund options freely four times in a year to maximize returns

Withdraw when you need

You can partially withdraw after the 5th year onwards

Policy Benefits

  • Life Risk Cover Available
  • Guaanteed Auditions Enjoy guaranteed additions in addition to unit fund value
  • Policy Maturity Unit Fund Value

Check your eligibility

Age at entry:

Minimum age: 90 days

Maximum age: 65 years

Maturity age: 18 years

Maximum Age:85 years

Policy Term: 10-25 years


Life Insurance Corporation of India

Har Pal Aapke Saath