Durga nursing home ongole contact number and Email address for all communication is durganursinghome@yahoo.com.

This hospital is in Anjaiah road and dibble Rao Junction. EHS Facility is available here and please check the eye operation rates in the below table.

Durga nursing home Ongole

This is my Experience with my relative the process for eye operation here is.

The first step after consulting the Durga prasad road garu (if he suggested doing operation) we have to go ground floor beside OP cabin for blood report and bp sugar reports.

The cost of this report will be 1000 Rs and another ECG report is also needed for operation. This will be available at the doctor’s cabin next room and this will cost us another 500. The total cost will be 1500.

Now let’s check the rates of different operations in this hospital.

DURGA EYE CARE Hospital Day Care Centre – Price List (as)