Chaitanya cardiac centre ongole phone number is 6302813448 and this hospital is located beside AKVK College, Anjaiah Road, Ongole

Cardiology DepartmentDoctor garu name is

Dr.B.M.V Krishna chaitanya

His experience and achievements are as follows

  • He is Ex.Consultant Ramesh Hospitals Vijayawada
  • He is Ex Consultant Apollo Hospitals Kakinada
  • Ex. Assistant Professor NRI Medical College Guntur
  • Observership in Complex interventional Cardiology at National Heart centre singapore

And has experience in 1000 heart surgeries

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Chaitanya cardiac centre ongole The facilities available in this hospital are as follows

  • Corinory Engiogram
  • Corinory EngioPlasty
  • Ayorth Plasty
  • Peripheral engio Plasty
  • Kerotid Angio Plasty
  • Computereied Tredmill test
  • 2d Echo colour dappler
  • Holder monitering & Analysis
  • Permanaent pacemaker
  • 24 hours Laboratory facility also available here.