Aravind skin hospital is the busiest skin hospital in Ongole Town. They are available even on holidays and Sundays. if you are not from Ongole you have come to this hospital at early 7 to have your OP. If you are late you have to wait until the evening. I am from Ongole and seeing the crowd here for Ages. So please come early

Aravind skin hospital

60 feet road, Opp R.T.C Bus Stand, Ongole
Phones: 08592 – 234037
Dr. M. Venkata Rao, M.D
sKIN & VD Specialist

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This Hospital is very famous and Doctor Garu is available up to 9.30 Pm. OP cost of this Hospital is 200 Rs. Recently they took for rent the opposite building also. In the evening times from 6 to 7, we have to inquire at the opposite building about the status of our OP. Aravind skin hospital staff is very polite and a medical shop is also available at the hospital.

Always come to the hospital for regular checkups please don’t use the same medicine before consulting the doctor, usually, if the doctor tells us to visit after 12 days we don’t go and bring the same medicine. only use the medicines from the same company suggested by doctor garu.

That’s, not good practice. Please comment on your experience with this hospital in the comment section.

If you are from ongole its good to visit this hospital in the evening time.