Apollo Proton Cancer Center in South Asia’s & Middle East’s First and only Proton Therapy Centre with Pencil Beam Scanning Technology.

Apollo Proton Cancer Center experts use the unique combination of targeted treatment and unmatched precision, which is the surest way to treat cancer with unparalleled efficacy. To date, we have successfully treated over 150 patients who now have a better chance of conquering cancer.

Presenting Proton Therapy:

The Breakthrough that Gives Cancer Patients Their Lives Back.

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre

Proton therapy for various types of cancers:

  1. Brain
  2. Head & Neck
  3. Breast
  4. Lung
  5. Pancreatic
  6. Bone
  7. Esophagus
  8. Spine
  9. Liver
  10. Skull base
  11. Prostate
  12. Lymphomas
  13. Pediatrics
  14. Gastrointestnal

We bring together the best expertise and pioneering technologies so that our patients have a better chance of conquering cancer

  • No radiation beyond the tumours
  • Smaller integral dose per treatment
  • Proven credentials of lesser side effects
  • Painless & non-invasive procedures
  • Better quality of life during and after treatment
  • Highest clinical outcomes on par with international Standards
  • Comprehensive & specialized cancer management teams


Contact: the 7338992222

Toll-free number: 18605002850


Apollo Proton Centre, Taramani, Chennai

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