AKG CPVC Pipes and Fittings are Leak Proof Design for peaceful Mind Ideal for hot and cold water applications Suitable for water temperature up to 93-degree celsius.

AKG CPVC Pipes and Fittings CPVC Plumbing machine

  • Wide range of pipes and fittings from 15mm to 150mm
  • Lead-free UV stabilized and safe for potable water
  • No bacterial growth, scaling and corrosion free
  • Designed for over 50 years of life
  • Uniquely designed brass fittings ensure high toque resistance

Complete Range of Plumbing, Drainage, Borewell & Agriculture Pipes & Fittings

SWR & PVC Pressure Piping System


Column & Casing pipes for borewell & tubewell

AKG Extrusions PVT LTD.

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